It's always a stressful time after an vehicle acccident and most people want to get their vehicle back on the read asap to be able to get to work or drop kids off at school. So here are a few suggested steps in getting the process of vehicle repair underway.

1/ Contact us asap and advise us of your situation, and we'll advise you of best course of action depending upon your circumstances.

2/ Place a phone call to your insurance company and ask for ByAccident to be the repairer of your vehicle. They will generally get to you to complete one of their claim forms which can be downloaded from their site. They should give you a claims number and approval to use ByAccident.

3/ Fill out and submit our On line Vehicle damage assessment form with photos to us and your claim form to your insurance company.

4/ Get approval for us to proceed with repairs and you'll be back on the road in no time.

If you need further help in any step such as completing your insurance claim form, be sure to contact us as we are here to help!


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